Vaccination: Safeguarding Our Health From Hepatitis

Vaccination: Safeguarding Our Health From Hepatitis

Vaccination: Safeguarding Our Health From Hepatitis

27 July 2023  | Article is written by Mira Syahira Binti Rhyme (Doctor2U)

Did you know that hepatitis is a major public health problem in Malaysia? The Ministry of Health reports a significant rise in the mortality rate from hepatitis cases in 2021, when compared to the figures from 2016.This World Hepatitis Day, let’s play our part and spread awareness on the global healthcare burden that hepatitis poses and the importance of screening and vaccination!

Types Of Hepatitis

Generally, hepatitis is the inflammation of the liver that can either be acute (short-term) or chronic (long-term and slowly progressing into liver damage). It is largely caused by viral infections. There are 3 common types of Hepatitis viruses that cause hepatitis infections in Malaysia, namely A, B and C. Learn more about them below!

There are other 2 types of hepatitis viruses which are Hepatitis D and E. These two however are only common in Western and European countries.

Types Of Vaccine Available

Vaccination is one of the most effective ways to reduce the spread of hepatitis. Currently, there are 2 types of vaccines available in the world, which are Hepatitis A and B.

Hepatitis A vaccine comprises of inactivated (chemically killed) HAV. Meanwhile, the Hepatitis B vaccine is made of HBV’s surface protein.

While HAV and HBV vaccinations are being actively endorsed, the research and development of vaccines for Hepatitis C,D and E are still ongoing.

How Does The Vaccine Work- The Best Protection Against Hepatitis

Basically, these vaccines help boost the immune system to better protect the body against Hepatitis virus A and B infections. Upon administration of Hepatitis A and B vaccines, which contain either complete or partial forms of the virus, the body’s immune system identifies these elements as foreign substances. This will then trigger the body’s immune system to produce antibodies that will fight off the infections.

Those who are vaccinated with Hepatitis A and B vaccines will have immunity against the viral infections for over 20 years and lifetime respectively.

Who Should Take The Vaccines

Hepatitis A vaccine:

Hepatitis B vaccines:
BP Healthcare Vaccination Service For Hepatitis

Vaccinations have been proven to provide the best protection against HAV and HBV infections. Receiving the entire vaccine series (all of the required shots) results in long-term protection. BP Healthcare can help you safeguard your family’s health against hepatitis A and B infections.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – safeguard your health with Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B vaccinations now!

Take action on your health and your beloved ones NOW!